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Friday, April 3, 2009

'S Friday Flashback: Converse ECO shoes.

If you couldn't figure out, the whole Dwyane Wade to wear chucks was a very bad attempt at a April Fools joke.  Oh well maybe I fooled one or two you out there.  Now onto the Friday Flashback.

A few years ago Converse had a line of trail shoes going by the name of Converse ECO.  I actually had a pair of these in a different colorway.  These shoes were build tough, and wore them while helping to build an outdoor classroom in my high school biology class.  In fact I would still probably be able to wear them had I not been an idiot and tried to put them on while they were still tied.  I know we all do it, but we really shouldn't.  I messed up the heel cap and now sometime sharp sticks out and attacks my heel.  Oh well, I am still holding out hope to find a pair on the eBay someday.

 Well that's it for today, I am off on spring break next week but I'll try my best to post something.  Thanks for checking out the blog! Enjoy the Final Four.

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