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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Converse Blog: Converse Wade 4, Converse Suspend Technology, Wade 4 Commercial

What a day, I finally get to let the cat out of the bag about the Wade 4. I am more excited for this Wade release than any other, with the only exception possibly being the first Wade. Why, might you ask? The answer is simple, the brand new Converse Suspend Technology makes its debut in the Wade 4. For the first time since the end of the Converse Icon, a Converse shoe will have an honest to goodness cushioning technology. That's not to say the other Converse releases over the last few years haven't performed well, but to me it's all about perception. The use of a new technology does more than just improve a shoe. It sends a message to consumers that you're improving your product, and that you're striving to do better. In essence it says, "hey!, take me serious now." I also think that the use of new technology in a shoe can be a step to the next level for a company. For example, could you imagine Nike without Air in their shoes? Below is the best shot of the Converse Suspend Technology followed by a brief description of what it does.

Weighing in as the lightest WADE signature shoe to date at 14 ounces, the WADE 4 also provides advanced support and breathability. It features new Suspend Technology in a cushioned shelf that rests over the hollowed heel on top of a layer of foam. Upon impact, the shelf displaces to create a desirable “trampoline” effect that helps to minimize impact forces. The WADE 4 is a truly breathable shoe, with open ventilation on the lateral and medial sides of the shoe for maximum airflow. The thin, inner booty sock has a fit system, which promotes lock down, while cushioning the ankle and allowing flexibility.

Most of these pictures come from a TaoBao out, others come from a new Converse Press release. You can find more pics and information by going here. Also below is the new Converse Wade 4 Commercial. By far this is the most bold commercial that they're released, check it out.

A lot of stuff today, I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to check out the link above for more information on the Wade 4.


W.R. Little said...

is this what you were talking about, the big post that would stretch over a few posts?

James Martin said...

No, that's still coming. I am just a slacker and can't get anything done.